Saturday, July 31, 2010




I bought 3 pieces of clothes!!
It has been a while since I bought new clothes! (^O^)

Here is my concert out fit.
I don't know what shoes to wear???
(room is a mess and too tiered to fix my face and hair)

(click pic to make bigger)

Engineer boot

Gothic boot


I was going for something like this. I don't want to wear a long sleeve shirt inside because it is going to be freaking hot inside. As for the hair I have no idea I'll think of something. Make up I have an idea.

Got my first romper!!

I love my pirate boots

way a skirt similar to this one in the pictuer at Macy's. GUESS brand I had to try it on! They didn't have a L so I squeezes into a M......LOVED IT!!! I forgot to bring my camera so I took it on my cell phone that I can not transfer on to the computer >.< I looked at the price and almost died it was about $90!! (T__T)


Ja nee!

I'm running out of titles....



I saw Inception yesterday with my sister *___*
OMG!! I loved it! Everything was making sense but the ending BAM throws you into a thinking frenzy!!
I love detail and this move satisfied me (^O^) I was amazed by the graphics and the complexity!!
I want to learn how to incept! (watch out Karyu MWAHAHAHAHAH!!!)
It’s a MUST see!!

Made me miss Japan MORE! (T__T)

Today is going to be a little busy. I need to buy stuff for my trip. (I need jean leggings!!) XD My skinny jeans fit loose and look awkward.

I WANT!! I have pair of pants that are red and I wore them as much as I could now they don't fit.

Cool! They look just like jeans!

Today's Schedule
I need to exercise, decide how I am going to paint my nails, dye my hair, start packing, and put together a concert outfit.

Oh today Houston will hit record high 100 degrees outside!! Yay…… jogging today (might attempt) but tomorrow will be 101. I need to mow the lawn -___- I will need to get up early if I want to jog.


Ja nee!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who the F*** do you think you are?!



Doing laundry as right now. This is the longest I have stayed up LOL! I usually go to sleep around 10. Just finished reading gyaru secret it is getting UGLY! There is always going to be an ugly side to fashion. When I was into Visual Kie all there is a bunch of SHALLOW people. If your didn't dress the part you were nothing.(I was lucky to find good ppl) In the past I have always tried to find my place in the world but I slowly gave up. There was no point in trying to fit into a group of superficial fools. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! People are so blinded by their own egos!! I thought Gyaru was going to be different......guess it can't be help?

*sigh* I feel better! Sorry for the rant reading Gyaru Secrets got me worked up.
But I wont give up!
I like fabulous things too much.

On to better things!

Always wanted white boots.

Ooooooooooooo!! Love it!

I know who would love these XD

Dr.Martens Badass!!

NINE WEST. Lovely!

Pairs Hilton. Not a fan of her but love her shoes!

D&G FABULOUS! I would kill for these. *__*


Ja nee!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010




My cut out collection! I will eat, breath, and sleep fashion! *__*
I know I said once I get my new mirror I would try to Gyaru coordinate but I am busy all the time. And I need to finish ALL of my laundry the only think I wash is my work and exercise clothes. But I will get to it!! XD

I saw this perfume on momoeri's blog. I want it!
I looked for it online and could not find it anywhere else only the site she provided. She always gets the good stuff XD

I recommend this hand cream if have to wash your hand a lot (I do) it is sooooooo moisturizing. I tried it at someones house.

I had a frustrating morning/afternoon. Until I heard a knock at the door....

Surprise! My concert ticket came!! I’ve been freaking out because I did not get a tracking number from the site I typed my email wrong....but everything is okay.
This made my day (^O^)


Ja nee!

Monday, July 26, 2010




Yesterday I went out with Mary and her boyfriend to Yard House. The area is gorgeous but expensive!! LOL! I didn’t bring my camera (T__T) (I’m a horrible blogger but I took some pic off of Google lol)
I had the Fruit Beer: Abita Purple Haze, Pyramid Audacious Apricot, and Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. I liked it a lot (^O^) Not too fruity not too gross it was just right.
I hope to go back soon!

Giant sushi.

Margarita pizza.

Today news!
My Happie NUTS magazine came in!!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I LOVE IT!
I saw my first Happie NUTS magazine in Japan while I was getting hair extension at Yuu House. (^O^)
My collection of Garyu magazines is growing little by little. I hope to get a good bunch it would help me a lot. Already saw an outfit or two that I want to attempted.

Love the doraemon stamps!

Oooooooooo nice!

The flip flops went to my sister ...... again! Curse my big feet!!

P.S. I might scan later if I have time or if I'm not tired XD


Ja nee!

Sunday, July 25, 2010




This has been a busy week!!
Working and exercising. Seems like nothing but it gets exhausting and sometimes I can’t form a sentence! XD

I had been contemplating about taking level 4 so I emailed my teacher asking for her personal opinion. As to my surprise she said I should take level 4....but I don’t feel ready I am the person who does decent at the beginning of class and then I go blank at the end. I get soooooooooooo nervous during class ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! So I am going to take the next level and give it my all. (^O^)

The second worst news happened yesterday. My favorite band in the whole world canceled the TX shows!! My bbf’s and I were looking forward to this!! Nothing exciting happens here and when it does it’s a big deal......well they said refunds will happen but that is not the point I have not seen D’espairsRay with my bbf’s only Dir en grey and Oni-con bands. I like sharing events with people that I care about.

So I freaked out a little about the new. I’m sick of TX not getting the good concerts so I devised a plan. At first I was going to plan taking a bus to San Francisco BUT then it hit me I need to get a hotel and I know no one there and the bus fair was around $300 + hotel +taxi. EXPENSIVE!!
So I decide Chicago
#1 I had family there/seeing my half brother, nieces, and nephews for the first time. *nervous*
#2 free stay/never been to Chicago *excited*
#3 concert
Killing 2 birds with one stone.
I will take many pictures and try to dress Gyaru. I wonder if any Gyarus will be going to the concert??
I love traveling but hate doing it by myself.
The last time I flew by myself and meet up with with my friends at the airport but I flew back home by myself. I felt lonely but I loved the freedom (^O^)

It makes me sad going to concerts by myself. For JRock Revolution I went with "friends" but I was mostly alone waiting in line while they went off with their new friends. The girl next to me talked to me and we become friends she loves D'espairsRay as much as I do.
The next concert I went alone was in Yokohama that one was terrifying. I was so scared of getting lost and old men trying yo talk to me (good thing it did not happen) I was sooooooo bored I had no one to talk to. After hours of no human communication I mustered the courage to talk to so other foreigners I asked them if they spoke English thank god they did!! They were from Finland they were very nice. I asked if they had a facebook all said yes (^O^)So I hope I can make a new friend in Chicago *crosses fingers*

P.S. Sorry for the non-Gyaru post! I like to write about my week before I forget lol! Now I am off the exercise, mow the lawn, clean, and study.



Ja nee!

Friday, July 23, 2010




TGIF!! Well kinda I had a long day. Working and jogging.
The jog was tough it was hot and humid. Tired!!

I saw a Macy's magazine and I cut out different outfits. They were cute!
I am trying to learn how to coordinate. ^___^ I really need new clothes it’s killing me wearing the same thing over and over!
Ross has cheap clothes but doesn’t fit me
FOREVER 21 NEVER fit’s me
Love Culture is a bit expensive but the clothes fits XD

I’m at that stage in my weight loss were if I buy new clothes it will fit lose. I bought a military jacket from Target and it’s too big on me. GAH! (don’t like wasting money)

Tomorrow I have a bridal shower to go to. (^O^) I have not seen my friend Mary’s family for a while. She has a boyfriend so I keep my distance.

Sunday morning go shopping for the bachelor party and then I need to mow the lawn/workout.

OMFG!! I have hair envy!! Her beauty is beyond words! LOVE IT!!
I want that dress!
I need a new header and I think I fond the perfect pictuer *__*

Enough worshiping XD


Ja nee!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010




I have been kicking my own butt for weeks.

#1 it is a long life goal of mine to feel better about myself.
August: Concert/ 2 wedding shower/ bachelor party
September: Wedding
October: Oni-con

I am going to be broke! @__@

I have a great love for shoes!



CUTE! They come in my favorite color <3



Now these cowgirl boot I would wear!



I feel like I am being teased!! XD


Ja nee!