Sunday, January 9, 2011

READY!! break



I will be taking a break from this blog...........I don't know for how long but I will still be reading everyone blog that I follow (^O^)

I will be posting random shit on my ameblo here so if you want to take a peek of what I am doing.

I am still in the process of achieving the blond I want so far my hair looks like this XD

I hope I have something interesting to post when I come back to blogging here (^O^)



Thursday, January 6, 2011

A lil help............. deciding



Indecisive had hit me!!......I am debating if blond is worth it
I keep hearing that they like me better with burgundy hair(everyone is entitled to their opinion)but I wanted to try something new. I feel that color makes me unapproachable and I was getting a lil bored of it.

It doesn't hurt to try this color

Me in blond...... I rushed the process so it still looks orange but not like before.
Pro: With blond I don't stain my shirts when I workout
Con: Need to keep up with roots and eyebrows.

Me in blow out burgundy.
Pro: Can't really find one
Con: Color runs when I sweat -___-

Me in bright RED hair.
Pro: It makes me happy XD If my roots came in it didn't look bad
Con: Stained shirts, pillow cases, and shower....



Ja nee!

Monday, January 3, 2011

ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ



Ah I feel the hardship of keeping up with blonde. My roots came in and it's bothering me to no end! I am saving up for shoes but I need to touch up my roots and eyebrows..............(/TДT)/

I am planning buy this color.(*^▽^*)

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚

New Years Eve started out with visiting World Market.........:HISS:
I will admit that do have a wonderful selection of wines...a wall full (T▽T;)

I picked these XDXD I like sweet stuff we didn't get to these (-.-)I still have them now I have to find an occasion to drink them (*_*)

A light citrus taste

The classic red wine (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆

Had lunch b/c we have been running around.

Macaroni made from scrap o(^▽^)o


A good way to end the year (‐^▽^‐)
(It will be a while to get this out of my system.......detox time!!)


I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!!

P.S. I am sick.....time to recover


Ja nee!