Tuesday, August 31, 2010

B-day Part 3 and more!



Last part of my wonderful birthday!

My dad bought me red velvet cake and a small cheesecake XD
We watched some movies.

Then I went to Mary’s and she took me to Friday’s.

Yesterday was the first day of school!! I could not sleep my room was an oven -__- so I decided to get up at 5:30 am. Got ready…….then it hit me I gained weight!! From the bachelorette and my b-day I’ve gotten a lil chubby!! Anyways went to school got to class a lil early I picked my seat near the door last seat. My class is FULL. I know no one which is fine by me no distractions but I think I will need coffee waking up 5 in the morning will take it’s toll. Class ends and I have to wait till 11:50 for guts and butts class to start. I went back to my car got my clothes put it in a locker then walked to the library for a lil nap. After that I decide to walk to the locker room THEN out of no where a guy comes up to me I was ready to give him a mean face.....it was my cousins boyfriend!! LOL!! He was lil lost so I walked him to his truck to kill time. Then walked back to my destination. Class was okay I was so glade to get back to exercising. Then I drove to the park to jog it was humid!! Came back home and my CD came!! (^O^) did my homework. The End!

I am on a mission to find a crash diet!! (duh they are not health to begin with!)
The wedding is in 2 weeks!! I must look HOT!!

Healthy Crash Diet

Cabbage soup diet My friend Mary has done this but all you lose is water.

I need to:
Get my nails done
Dye hair
Maybe get a trim
Buy a shaper (girls best friend!!)
Buy a gift!!


Ja nee!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

B-day (part two)



Eric dropped off CDs. I needed new driving music XD

Since my cousin took my birthday. The twins got me the day after.

Fabulous wrapping!! (Lana)

Kept the bows XD

LOVE IT!! My favorite colors too!
Thank you twins!


They took me out for pho!! (^O^)

Lana's treat.

After we walked around the mall.
Huong bought me coffee yummy!


My fist nude lipstick! (^O^) Lana helped me pick it out.
I like how pictuer turned out XD

My mom forgot to give me this on my birthday so she gave it to me after I came back from the mall XD

Another wonderful day!


Ja nee!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

B-day (part one)



8/27/10 was my birthday!! It fell on a Friday for once! My birthday always was on a school day and everyone was always busy -___-

Woke up early to pick up a package from the post office.

Finally the right size! The guy gave me a XL and not a M so I asked my friend Tasha to buy me the t-shirt. Of course I gave her money XD

It was the best b-day by far! The weather was beautiful (^O^) I enjoyed my morning jog for the fist time in a while. When I came back home my cat was on the card my mom gave me I opened it.....


Then when I went to shower and found this on the mirror. It made my day!

I felt so happy.

Went the to the mall with my sister to find a dress for that night. Nothing seemed to work.....

So we went to bath & body works and my sis bought me the new sent dark kiss I love it! Then to Sephora to buy stuff.


Works pretty good.


A mouth ago my sis got me this. She is too sweet.


w/o eyelashes

one eye with lashes

both with lashes

it took me a while to get them on and they still a bit off >.<

Finishes (^O^)

My outfit. I blocked out my face b/c my sis took a horrible angle

My sis and I. We look nothing alike XD

My cousin and I.
My blueberry mojito and I. XD The waiter said it was a new drink that came out on my b-day. Oh yaaaaa! (he looked like orlando bloom)


Fettucini with Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomatoes (big cousin)

Thai Chicken Pasta (mine)

Spicy Chicken Chipotle Pasta (sis)

Louisiana Chicken Pasta (lil cousin)

My lil cousin got them to sing happy birthday to me.........I was embarrassed!!


I like this shirt!!

Godiva raspberry!! My fav!!

Another awesome cat card XD


*GASP* I have always wanted one of these!! The twins showed me how to make sushi a while back! *excited*

Awesome wrapping paper it's a keeper!


My lil cousin bought me a WHOLE Cheescake (T__T)

Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I LOVE Red Velvet!!


Time to CUT it!


We watched a movie while eating cake.

This by far has been the best birthday! I have never been this happy during b-day. They usually are crappy nothing goes right or nothing happens.

I think 20 something will be a good age for me.
I got a feeling! (^O^)


Ja nee!