Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I am luggage hunting!! There is a month and 21 days till THE MOTHER LAND XDXDXD can’t wait to get away from TX and the U.S.A.

D’espairsRay is killing my pocket!! They have a new DVD coming out that’s like $102!! I love them to death but I don’t think I will be getting this item unless it’s given to me as a present or I sell my soul……again. I’ll see if stores have it when I’m in Japan ^___^ THEY BETTER OR ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOSE!!

Oni-con!! I needed a concert *rocks back and forth* yes I know Dir en Grey is having one but I don’t like being in a crowd full of ass holes smashing each other to get to the front (which will not happen b/c the ppl in front row will kill you DUH!!) I plan to be a vampire for Halloween!! Mwahahahahaha!! I did a make up practice run it came out pretty well for my first try XD now I have to get an outfit together =___=

Anyways I have been busy with working out like crazy!! @__@ I feel like there is not enough time anymore my knees are in pain right now *sigh* but I will block it out


Ja nee

Wednesday, October 14, 2009



I had a dumb moment!! >XD
I sent money to a friend in Japan so she could buy my ticket for D’espairsRay: Yokohama Blitz. I told my friend that the tickets went on sale October 13 so she goes to the convenience store to buy the ticket. She was at the store well over 45 min and flipping through 316 pages to find the concert. I chatted with her today and sent her the site of the venue and she read general admission tickets can be purchased in November…………(I don‘t know how to read Japanese) ………….... I was freaking out for no reason!! >XD

I’m going to buy her something from the concert I feel bad for making her worry (>O<) I was soooooooo scared that I was not going to the concert. I have not seen a D’espairsRay LIVE well over a year. It’s my drug and I need my fix ^O^ I am so happy that I will see them again they mean so much to me T__T


Ja nee

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bento box

I while back I got this book it looks easy to make. I have yet to try it out I will most likely ask my friend if she would like to try some recipes with me. She got a bunch of cute bento cutters ^O^

Can't wait! I will post up pictures of our creations.



2 months an 16 days till I go to the motherland!!! ^O^

I have been looking for D’espairsRay concerts T~T I have not seen them LIVE in forever!!

I want to go here!!