Thursday, January 6, 2011

A lil help............. deciding



Indecisive had hit me!!......I am debating if blond is worth it
I keep hearing that they like me better with burgundy hair(everyone is entitled to their opinion)but I wanted to try something new. I feel that color makes me unapproachable and I was getting a lil bored of it.

It doesn't hurt to try this color

Me in blond...... I rushed the process so it still looks orange but not like before.
Pro: With blond I don't stain my shirts when I workout
Con: Need to keep up with roots and eyebrows.

Me in blow out burgundy.
Pro: Can't really find one
Con: Color runs when I sweat -___-

Me in bright RED hair.
Pro: It makes me happy XD If my roots came in it didn't look bad
Con: Stained shirts, pillow cases, and shower....



Ja nee!


  1. You look best in the burgundy.

  2. FYI: I dyed my hair that colour too. I don't regret it. Just didn't apply it evenly enough.